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IT’ is proactive, customer-focused, and allows you to measure customer feedback with one touch. Eqqus will provide you with a competitive advantage for success.

Retail and fashion stores

Retail and
fashion stores

collect customer feedback, ratings, and reviews of the product and services.

Health care

Health care 

Medical facilitators can gather feedback to improve the services.



Hotels and restaurants can enhance their services through guest and customer feedback.

Service Providers

Service Providers 

Track customer behavior to be utilized and differentiated from others.

Fitness and well-being

Fitness and

Gyms and health clubs can initiate this product in order to maintain a long-lasting client relationship.

Educational institutes

Educational institutes 

Get feedback to analyze the overall experience with their service.

Functioning toward the Future



Gathering feedback based on demographics, behavior, and preferences to provide a personalized experience to the client. It will enhance the frequency and quality of the feedback.

Predictive Analytics

allowing users to forecast client needs and preferences. It will create a platform to maintain the customer relationship. provide solutions to problems they may have even before they become apparent.

Data security

important factor as clients become more conscious of how their data is being shared and used. It’s our priority to secure the client’s data.

Customer Support

In-app feedback feature

feedback feature

Allows users to rate their experience and provide feedback directly from the app.

E-mail Support

E-mail Support

Dedicated e-mail service to allow clients to report bugs, request new features, or request new features We make sure to respond quickly to ensure the quality of the application.

247 Call center

24/7 Call center

Allows users to contact our specially dedicated customer service representatives for any assistance. We always focus to maintain the best user interaction

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